eSigned Smart Contracts using Blockchain

Deploy Blockchain based Smart Contracts using emBlock

eMudhra’s role as a trust provider has been to set up the technology stack from a citizen’s perspective to allow any citizen to conduct KYC using AADHAAR and using that to sign documents from anywhere, anytime.

Access to the any service from a Citizen perspective typically involve

Identity Layer

AADHAAR, PAN Card, Voters ID, Bank ID etc.

Signature Layer

Providing legally valid signatures and consent.

Payments Layer

Using the above to trigger payments to be made for goods or services.

emBlock is a Blockchain based system built on top of Ethereum that guarantees transaction immutability and publicly verifiable records at lower cost will ensure better efficiency thereby ensuring seamless conduct of international trade.

emBlock uses asymmetric key pair cryptography and identity based digital signatures to power

  • Streamlining ID Verification using AADHAAR or other forms of ID’s by storing ID verification records on a Blockchain thereby automatically creating a shared registry that can be leveraged by other relying parties
  • Allowing eSign or digital signature based Smart Contract creation on Blockchain resulting in verifiable identities and legal non-repudiation to the transaction
  • Storing Smart Contracts on Digital Locker running on a Blockchain

Implement your Blockchain network with emBlock

API based provisioning

API based provisioning

emBlock allows provisioning of nodes required for Blockchain network

Access Control

Access Control

Unlike public Blockchain like Bitcoin, emBlock allows access control mechanism to only need based access

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Using a plug and play deployment, ensure legal non-repudiation and transaction immutability