… and every company wants you to move to their CLM platform. But does that solve your problem?

At eMudhra, we are customer first! So, we are not gonna tell you that switching the provider alone will solve your problem.

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As a trusted global CA and a player in PKI industry for over 15 years, we have helped more than 10 thousand enterprises manage their trust ecosystems over the years.
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Our SSL certificates are trusted by All browsers globally


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We are a WebTrust Accredited Company

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About the Incident

Google Chrome has announced it will no longer trust Entrust SSL/TLS certificates starting November 1, 2024. This decision stems from compliance issues identified in Entrust’s certificate issuance practices. The distrust will likely be followed by other major browsers, affecting websites that rely on these SSL certificates. Websites using Entrust SSL certificates will be flagged as unsecured, potentially disrupting business operations.

Source: https://security.googleblog.com/2024/06/sustaining-digital-certificate-security.html