Building digital first education institutions with electronic signatures, document management and AI.

eMudhra offers specific platforms for educational institutions to drive digital journeys for students, teachers and schools or universities.

Education Case Study

Learn how you can adopt paperless enrollments, issue electronically signed diplomas & degree certificates and build a digital repository of transcripts that can be shared.

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Use Cases

eMudhra works with top educational institutions in the world to drive secure digital transformation.


Bridging the credential gap

Move away from physical diplomas, degree certificates and transcripts to digitally signed documents. These documents are authenticated with the universities signature and are non-tamperable and non-repudiable. This allows students to receive and share these documents with any recipient anytime, anywhere with the benefit of trusted credentials.


Automate Student and Teacher enrollments

Use legally valid electronic signatures to power paperless enrollments and contracting for both students and teachers and save huge cost.


AI driven digital transformation

Use AI, Sentiment Analytics to determine student happiness, social sentiments of your university and compare to competition to acquire new students faster.

Why eMudhra for Education?



Gartner recognized eSignature workflow solution to automate student enrollments and teacher contracts at a fraction of the cost of global competitors.


Go Digital

Issue authenticated diploma, degree certificates and transcript records that are non-tamperable and support long term archival to bridge the credential gap.


Student Portal

Provide students access to digital repository of documents and credentials through their lifecycle and after and improve student satisfaction.

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