Our professional services are focused on helping you leverage Open source technologies to solve complex AI/ML problems for mining structured and unstructured data.


Best Practices

Our solutioning team will work with you to leverage best practices based on years of experience with other customers and similar implementations.


Dedicated Engagement Teams

You will get a direct line of access to our solution architects and experts who work with you to turn around issues in a matter of days.


Ready Platform

Our ready platform emStream allows you to trial complex use cases through a no code platform before committing a larger spend on AI.

Move forward and become a data driven business that extracts insights to power truly digital experiences while driving operational efficiency.

We support clients harness data to capture actionable insights to drive customer experience transformation and build innovative business models.

Data Lake

Data Lakes, Platforms and Pipelines

With our team of highly skilled experts on big data and advanced analytics combined with domain expertise, we work with you leverage your data assets for building data platforms that become central to driving.

  • Customer Engagement and Experience
  • Business Model Innovation and Growth
  • Connected and Empowered Enterprise and Partners
  • Connected and Efficient Operations
Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

With our strong expertise on Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies built on Open Source, we support you with structured, unstructured and image data analytics to build unified data analytics platform for use cases that range from predictions to sentiments to object detection from images or videos.

Data Security

Data Security

Given that data security is integral to everything we do, we extend these capabilities to customer engagements and provide them valuable insights into designing and architecting secure enterprise big data platforms.

Why eMudhra?


Lower cost

eMudhra's AI stack emStream offers a no-code AI platform built on Open Source for structured and unstructured data analytics, significantly reducing the cost of adopting AI.


Skilled Resources

We work with you to build use cases, run quick POCs to assess the effectiveness of being able to harness insights from data before committing to significant investments, all this at a fraction of the time of developing something from scratch.


Center of Excellence

Strong competency around Apache Spark, HADOOP, OCR and Deep Learning technologies that are extended to every client engagement.

Benefits of Engaging eMudhra

Multiple skills: Subject matter and technology experts available in PKI domain.
Aligned with our customer's goal to make project successful.
Ability to bring in additional and unique expertise as needed.
Backed by industry-leading engineers and technical resources during the project.
Reduced implementation times and technical resources during the project.
Intensive transfer of knowledge and best practices, focused on the unique characteristics of your implementation and project goals.

Are you ready to embrace digital?