Begin your transition to paperless office with emSigner anywhere, anytime!

Remove the last mile hurdle of going paperless and start an end-to-end digital journey from anywhere, at any time, using emSigner - eMudhra's market leading paperless office solution. Powered by PKI technology this innovative solution enables you to sign, send, track, archive and manage digital documents in a snap using eSignatures and Digital Signature Certificates, and in the process help you build an entire document ecosystem in a seamless manner.
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emAS - IAM

eMudhra's Comprehensive Identity and Access Management Solution

Strengthen your digital relationships by seamlessly connecting trusted users to trusted applications, all while preventing fraudulent access and session hijacking, using emAS IAM-eMudhra's market leading identity and access management solution.
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emAS - MFA

Stay One Step Ahead of Cyber-Attacks at All-time Using emAS MFA

emAS, eMudhra's flagship identity governance system combines powerful features of Identity and Access Management with over 15 modes of authentication to give your organization the edge when it comes to securing online access. emAS has powerful capabilities around Identity Governance and is future ready with FIDO integrations and adaptive authentication extensions.
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Delivering End-to-end PKI Services

Gartner touts PKI as a leading choice for providing information and communication security across industries. Hence why not make PKI a part of your IT infrastructure by utilizing emCA - eMudhra's PKI powered digital certificate issuance and management solution. Built exclusively to provide trust and control, emCA is a robust, standards compliant, fully scalable, policy driven PKI solution designed to provide unparalleled security services, which include authentication of user and device, data security, integrity and verification.
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Manage Digital Transformation and Trust in the Digital World with emPower

emPower is a one-stop portal that aims to help you centralize your engagement around digital identity and signature requirements. emPower is a single platform where you can enable yourself, and your customers to manage digital transformation and trust in the digital world.


Providing Intelligence Without Limits

Built upon a Big Data Layer, emStream is eMudhra's Analytics stack which can be used to address bespoke requirements in Sentiment, Fraud, and Risk analytics. With support for data ingestion across a range of data sources, emStream's core engine runs on an advanced, in-memory Apache Spark computing engine that delivers 100x the performance of Apache Hadoop for your workloads. This enables it to seamlessly run Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analytics tasks on unstructured, semi-structured and structured data, and deliver business intelligence with lightning speed.
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