Automate signing using organization digital signature certificates

Streamlined Document Authentication

Automate signing using organization certificates, with options for department-level identifiers, streamlining document processing.

Safeguard document integrity and authorship

Intellectual Property Protection

Safeguard document integrity and authorship, protecting your organization's intellectual property with advanced security.

Efficient Compliance Achievement

Efficient Compliance Achievement

Meet industry-specific and national compliance requirements efficiently with our digital signatures.

Timestamping for time-sensitive transactions

Timestamping for Transparency

Use timestamping for time-sensitive transactions, enhancing audit trails, and supporting non-repudiation.

Automation in document signing-digitally sign bulk documents

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Implementing automation in document signing significantly reduces manual effort, boosts operational efficiency and optimizes time utilization.

Secure your business documents with digital signatures

Secure Business Transactions

With our robust digital signature system, secure your business transactions, ensuring validity and preventing unauthorized access or alterations.

Explore our demo video, which provides a comprehensive guide for eSign enrollment within your organization, streamlining your digital document processing experience

eMudhra Gets Mentioned in Gartner® Report

eMudhra Gets Mentioned in Gartner® Report Titled, 'Manage the Critical Risks of Using Electronic Signature'

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Step by Step guide to Renew Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). This video shows how to renew dsc online from eMudhra website.

Applications of Digital Signatures Issued by eMudhra

eGovernance Private Sector
1. Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA21): 1. Banking and Finance:
Company registration and incorporation Online transactions
Filing of annual returns and forms Loan processing
Compliance and legal documentation Account opening and management
Regulatory compliance
2. Income Tax and GST Filing: 2. Insurance:
eFiling of income tax returns Policy issuance
eFiling of GST returns Claims management
Registration and compliance Regulatory compliance
Online premium payments
3. eTendering & eProcurement: 3. E-Commerce:
Secure online bidding Secure transactions
Vendor registration and management Vendor management
Contract Management Customer authentication
4. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Management: 4. Telecommunications:
Online patent, trademark, and copyright filings Subscriber identity management
Secure document exchange and management Billing and customer management
Regulatory compliance
5. Passport Services and ePassports: 5. Healthcare:
Online passport application and renewal Telemedicine
Issuance of ePassports with digital signatures E-prescriptions
Patient records management
Data privacy and security
6. eOffice: 6. Real Estate:
Secure document and file management Property transactions
Interdepartmental communication and collaboration Lease and rental agreements
Digitization of paper-based processes Due diligence and regulatory compliance
7. Digital Locker (DigiLocker): 7. Human Resources:
Authentication and access to personal documents Employee onboarding and offboarding
Secure storage and sharing of digital certificates Performance appraisals
Employment contracts
Confidentiality agreements
8. Aadhaar-based Services: 8. Legal Services:
e-KYC (Know Your Customer) for various services E-contracts and agreements
Aadhaar-enabled payment systems (AEPS) Legal document management
Digital life certificates (Jeevan Pramaan) Intellectual property filings
Regulatory compliance
9. eCourts: 9. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management:
Online case filing and management Secure document exchange
Secure access to court records and judgments Vendor management
eNotices and summons Quality control and compliance
Shipment tracking and authentication
10. Voter ID and Election Management: 10. Education:
Online voter registration and updates Online admissions and enrollment
Electoral roll management Student identity verification
Secure election-related documentation E-certificate issuance
Examination and grading management
11. Land Records and Property Registration: 11. Travel and Hospitality:
Online property registration Online bookings and reservations
Access to land records and certificates Customer identity verification
Digital mutation and title transfer Secure payment processing
12. Social Security and Welfare Schemes: 12. Information Technology and Software Development:
Online application and management of welfare schemes Software licensing
Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) for subsidies and grants Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
Secure beneficiary data management Secure document and code management
Regulatory compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions

eMudhra Digital Signature is a secure digital key issued by eMudhra that is used to sign digital documents. It assures the recipient of the document's authenticity and integrity.

The eMudhra Digital Signature is created using a private key unique to each user. When a document is signed digitally, the signature is validated using the signer's public key, ensuring the document's authenticity.

eMudhra Digital Signatures can be used to sign a variety of documents including emails, contracts, invoices, and other business documents where authenticity and integrity are essential.

Yes, eMudhra Digital Signatures are legally binding as per the Information Technology Act of India, and are also recognized in many other countries.

eMudhra employs robust encryption algorithms to secure digital signatures. The private key used for signing is stored securely and is not accessible to anyone but the owner.

You can generate a CSR through the eMudhra website or using cryptographic tools that support key pair generation and CSR creation.

You can renew your eMudhra Digital Signature by submitting a renewal request through the eMudhra website. You'll need to provide your identifying information and your existing certificate details.

If your eMudhra Digital Signature is compromised or no longer needed, you should contact eMudhra to revoke the certificate. They maintain a certificate revocation list for such cases.

Documents signed with an eMudhra Digital Signature can be verified using eMudhra's public key, which is widely distributed and installed in most devices and browsers.

eMudhra Digital Signatures are compatible with most operating systems and browsers. However, you will need cryptographic support in your system to generate and manage keys and certificates.

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