Building inclusive healthcare delivery with identity + signatures + data and AI at its core.

Healthcare is increasingly relying on technology to power innovations to make patient care affordable. eMudhra's solutions provide critical ingredients to power this journey to help manage identity, authentication, eSignatures and data privacy.

Healthcare Case Study

Solutions to help accelerate digital transformation in healthcare.

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Use Cases


Patient Record Digitization

Electronic signature and privacy solutions that help digitalize the entire lifecycle of patient records right from onboarding documents to health data to claims processing.


Text Analytics and AI

NLP, OCR and Text Recognition solutions that help decipher insights from documents to drive efficient search and recommendation engines.


Data Analytics

ML solutions that help crunch data at scale using Open Source allowing you to rapidly deploy next-gen health analytics systems.

Why eMudhra for Healthcare?


Health Identity and eSignatures

Improve patient experience through digital identity and signatures that allow paperless transformation while also driving operational efficiency.


Data Privacy

Ensure compliance with privacy laws and improve your own security posture with our encryption solutions with support for data at rest, data in transit.


Customer Data Platforms

Deploy customer data platforms using big data, AI and NLP to mine both structured and unstructured data for customer insights, retention strategies, recommendation engines and predictive analytics.

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