In the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of Electric Vehicles (EVs), IoT, and Connected Components, security stands as a paramount concern. eMudhra's Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions are at the forefront of safeguarding the IoT fleet in the EV industry. We provide robust, reliable, and scalable security solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of electric mobility.

eMudhra's Identity & PKI Solutions: Powering Security in the Electric Vehicle Industry


Robust Data Encryption

eMudhra's PKI offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring comprehensive protection of data in your IoT network against cyber threats.


Authentication Assurance

Strengthen access controls with eMudhra's PKI, verifying user and device identities within your IoT ecosystem for enhanced security.


Tamper-Proof Communication

eMudhra's PKI solidifies communication channels, maintaining data integrity and preventing tampering in critical IoT communications.


Comprehensive IoT Fleet Security

Secure your IoT fleet with eMudhra's advanced PKI solutions, elevating security standards for the future of electric mobility.


Supply Chain and Manufacturing Security

eMudhra's PKI protects supply chain networks, ensuring secure and confidential logistics and manufacturing processes in the EV industry.


Compliance and Standards Adherence

eMudhra's PKI framework helps meet regulatory standards, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and legal obligations.


Secure Software Updates and Remote Access

eMudhra's solutions authenticate and secure software updates for EV devices, enabling safe remote access and system monitoring.


Digital Signatures and Document Security

Utilize eMudhra's PKI for digital signatures on documents, ensuring their validity and integrity, crucial in the EV sector.

Securing EV Telematics Unit (TBOX)


Enhanced Data Encryption

eMudhra's PKI ensures comprehensive encryption of telematics communication, safeguarding vehicle location, driver behavior, and battery status from unauthorized access.

Strong Device Authentication

The PKI framework rigorously authenticates all connected devices to the telematics unit, securing data integrity and preventing unauthorized access.

Secure Firmware Updates

eMudhra's PKI plays a crucial role in securing firmware and software updates for telematics units, protecting against malicious software.

Reliable Access Control

eMudhra's PKI solution provides robust access control, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive telematics data, maintaining confidentiality.

Securing the Connected Devices over Network in EV Fleets


Enhanced IoT Device Security

eMudhra's PKI provides secure identities for IoT devices in EV fleets, issuing digital certificates to authenticate and safeguard network access.

Comprehensive Data Protection

eMudhra's PKI encrypts data between IoT devices and central systems in EV fleets, protecting diagnostics, location, and behavior analytics.

Fortified IoT Communication

eMudhra's PKI establishes secure communication channels between IoT devices and management systems in EV fleets, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

Regular Updates and Compliance

The PKI framework ensures regular, secure updates for IoT devices, maintaining compliance with evolving security standards and regulations in the EV industry.

Setting Up CA Infrastructure for IoT in EV Manufacturing


Scalable CA Architecture Design

Design a hierarchical CA structure to manage certificates efficiently, supporting the growing scale of IoT in EV manufacturing.

Strong Authentication Protocols Implementation

Enforce robust authentication for IoT devices with unique digital certificates, ensuring secure communication within the EV manufacturing network.

Secure Communication and Data Encryption

Facilitate encrypted data transfer between IoT devices using digital certificates, protecting sensitive manufacturing information from unauthorized access.

Regular Monitoring for Compliance

Continuously monitor and manage the CA infrastructure, ensuring compliance with industry standards and mitigating security risks in EV manufacturing.

Digital Certificates for Enhanced EV and IoT Security


Wide-Ranging Compatibility

eMudhra's digital certificates are globally recognized under its Trust Root, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility across diverse EV and IoT platforms.

Robust Encryption Standards

These certificates employ advanced encryption techniques, providing robust security for data transmission within EV and IoT ecosystems, safeguarding against cyber threats.

Identity Verification and Trust

eMudhra's certificates offer stringent identity verification, establishing a high level of trust and authenticity for devices and communications in the EV and IoT sectors.

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Designed for scalability, eMudhra's digital certificates cater to the evolving needs of the EV and IoT industries, supporting a wide range of devices and applications.

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eMudhra Provides Managed PKI Solution to ensure Encrypted Communication and Telematic Device Security for a Smart Car Manufacturer in Europe

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How is PKI Technology Safeguarding Smart Cars? Read the blog article for more information.

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