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About The Program

Our partner program is designed to help you adopt cutting edge technology products and accelerate sales. All this is driven through a dedicated partner team that works closely with you and with our internal teams to ensure seamless go to market support, training, delivery and round the clock support.

eMudhra Partner Tools & Resources

The partner portal includes all the business and marketing resources you need.


Easy Onboarding

Partners get onboarded quickly through a simple, paperless process and gets access to a plethora of resources that helps them focus on selling.


Go to Market Kits

Get access to our GTM kits, create co-branded collateral and build email campaigns with our support to generate new sales opportunities.



Get access to case studies, white papers, concept notes and other resources published on our website to help support your sale.


Dedicated Partner Team

A single point of contact works with you to assist you in selling, training, certification and building market outreach campaigns through events, webinars and more.

Partner Success Stories

eMudhra Partner Tiers

Our partnership is bifurcated into 3 tiers, not just based on the value of deals but based on the long term potential and commitment that a partner is willing to bring to the table to help grow the business jointly. Partners can belong to one of the tiers based on their level of collaboration with eMudhra.


Typically the starting point of a partner's engagement with eMudhra. There is no minimum revenue commitment to be a preferred partner of eMudhra, but partner is still eligible for discounted pricing.

This is where a partner is beginning to work with eMudhra offerings or is in the process of building and perfecting a go to market proposition with eMudhra Products.

Preferred Plus

Preferred plus partners generally have some experience working with eMudhra offerings and have showcased some success historically in terms of deal closures for eMudhra's offerings.

Preferred plus partners are eligible for much higher discounting and joint marketing opportunities, but are required to provide a minimum revenue commitment.


Elite Partners qualify for the highest discounting on eMudhra products but also commit to dedicated sales targets and invest in specific resources for sales and pre-sales for eMudhra products.

eMudhra works very closely with Elite partners for ecosystem development through press releases, joint go to market opportunities and providing access to deals.

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