PKI doesn't have to be difficult to use!

A GUI that makes life easy

A GUI that makes life easy

With a 3 click process to almost any activity, user-friendly interface & strong configuration capabilities, the intuitiveness of emCA Certificate Engine is unparalleled in the industry. From setting up hierarchies, to managing cert profiles and admin settings, it's a do-it-yourself PKI platform for non-PKI people.

Think Outside the Box

Think outside the box

emCA works with a number of HSM's, Databases, & Operating Systems. It allows you to leverage your cloud, hybrid, or on-prem infrastructure to optimize your cost, manage your internal compliance and security requirements, and evolves with your organization's security and cloud posture.

emCA - One Product, Many Use Cases

One Product, many use cases

emCA has evolved over a decade to address a wide range of use cases from powering trust in smart-meters, to powering high-volume remote signing solutions in large nations. X.509, EMV, CVC, ECC, are just a few types of certificates supported by emCA out-of-the-box. But that's just the start.

emCA - Power your trust service operations

Built for any scale, literally

Whether you're using emCA to power an offline Root CA, or to power your trust service operations in the largest country in the world, like we do, emCA can support your scale and growth to any extent. emCA is used in over 15 countries with over half a billion identities issued to date for humans, systems, and machines.

Security & Compliance at the forefront

Security & Compliance at the forefront

emCA is EAL4+ certified. With functionalities like m of n access control, auto-backup, and tamper proof logs, you can let your PKI run with peace of mind. emCA also powers several WebTrust accredited CA environments, including eMudhra's global trust service operations.

emCA - PKI Certificate management pricing

Cost effective is an understatement

emCA is offered in commercially friendly licensing models to allow organizations of all shapes and sizes, and more importantly, use cases of all shapes and sizes to have optimal RoI. The functionalities offered by the product can help any organization operate with greater trust and greater peace of mind, things you often can't put a price to.

A Trust Service provider you can trust

Recognized for PKI and certificate management category in Gartner Report

Gartner Mentions

Recognized for PKI and certificate management category in Gartner Report - Managing Machine Identities, Secrets, Keys and Certificates

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emCA is EAL4+ Certified

emCA – Certificate Authority Solution has received the prestigious EAL4+ certification, signifying high assurance in its software development and security standards.

PKI Infrastructure

Are you running a legacy PKI?

Legacy PKI, once an innovative solution, now grapples with issues stemming from obsolete algorithms, limited scalability, and an inability to satisfy modern cryptographic protocols.

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Deployment Models

PKI as a service

On Premise

If you're looking to have the CA certificate Engine hosted on your premise, no problem. emCA Certificate engine can operate out of physical infrastructure, or DevOps based architectures. Our professional services team can get you up and running with peace of mind that every piece of data resides within your walls.

pki cloud service

Private Cloud

emCA Certificate engine can be deployed within your cloud environment whether it's on AWS, Azure, or GCP. In case you centrally manage your cloud infrastructure, or have a hybrid set up, eMudhra's team can work with you to establish the appropriate architecture to ensure it scales to your needs.

emSign Managed PKI

emSign Managed PKI

emSign Managed PKI offers a versatile platform for digital certificate issuance. Catering to diverse needs, it provides SSL, document signing, code signing, and email certificates. With its cloud-based infrastructure, emSign ensures secure, scalable, and efficient certificate management, streamlining processes for businesses and individuals. Experience seamless digital trust with emSign Managed PKI

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Futureproofing Cybersecurity with emCA

Futureproofing Cybersecurity with

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Frequently Asked Questions

eMudhra's emCA Certificate Engine is a solution that enables enterprises to set up and manage their private certificate authority.

emCA incorporates industry-standard security measures, including secure key management and compliance with global security standards, to ensure the infrastructure's integrity and confidentiality.

Yes, emCA is scalable and customizable, catering to enterprises of all sizes and industries.

Yes, emCA adheres to industry standards such as X.509 and eIDAS (in Europe) to ensure interoperability and compliance.

emCA provides comprehensive capabilities for managing the entire certificate lifecycle, including issuance, renewal, revocation, and expiration tracking.

Yes, emCA can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, authentication systems, directory services, and application platforms.

Leveraging eMudhra's trusted brand, emCA adds credibility to certificates, instilling confidence in users and partners relying on your digital security infrastructure.

Yes, eMudhra offers expert technical support and guidance throughout the implementation and ongoing operation of emCA.

Yes, emCA provides cost-effective solutions that offer value for money, eliminating the need for building and maintaining an in-house private CA.

Enterprises can directly engage with eMudhra or visit our website to explore the emCA Certificate Engine and discuss implementation options based on their specific requirements.

Let us help you find the right solution