86% of websites experience unplanned outages from an expired TLS Certificate


SBI Uses CertiNext to drive TLS auto-rotation and key management

Learn how State Bank of India, the largest Bank in India with over 600 billion in assets under management and 500 million customers leverages CertiNext as part of their security posture to ensure that they services are always up, and all the traffic is encrypted to the current best practice standards. CertiNext provide a comprehesive solution across discovery, auto-rotation, and even key management capabilities to bring you a one-stop-shop solution.

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One Stop Shop


A CLM with built-in Key Management

Generate and Rotate Keys Seamlessly. Encrypt & Decrypt Data Securely.

Support for Symmetric & Asymmetric Keys

CertiNext supports all AES, RSA and ECDSA keys for your key management needs to ensure that your keys, and hence, your data remains protected, always.


Automate with KMIP

CertiNext Key Management comes with KMIP support to help you automate key management straight from CertiNext and ensure your ecosystem is always secure.


Rotate & Recover your Keys

Manage your key rotation policies straight from the dashboard. Lost your keys? No problem, you can easily recover and/or reissue your lost keys


Store & Distribute your Keys

CertiNext is flexible to allow you to store your keys in encrypted form within your App Server or alternately, store in secure hardware. You can even manage how keys get distributed to address your business requirements from the dashboard.


Compliance & Audit

Control who can access the keys in your organization. You can always view the logs where we keep track of all activities related to key management for compliance and monitoring purposes

Certificate Discovery and Orchestration


Certificate Lifecycle Management and why is it important for organizations

With the increasing importance of digital security, businesses today rely heavily on digital certificates for secure communication and data protection.

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CERTInext: A CLM Platform that Works for You!

Designed to manage the lifecycle of certificates across an organization, CERTInext offers centralized control and visibility over the certificate ecosystem of a company.

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CA-Agnostic, Scalable and high of interoperability quotient

The CERTInext Certificate Lifecycle Management Solution offers discovery capability within your environment and outside and much more over a wide spectrum of certificates

Why CertiNext Stands Out

Everything you need in One Package

Multi-Environment Support for all types of PKI, devices, certificate types, with automated, workflow based, and other types of provisioning, AND key management functionalities out-of-the-box. There's no other CLM like it.

Customer Success

CertiNext is not just about the product. It's also about the people behind the product who will work closely with your team to help manage the application, assist with any queries, and get things done. Organizations with High Volume use cases can benefit from CertiNext+ which offers dedicated support and unified pricing for CLM & TLS.

One Vendor, One Agreement

With comprehensive capabilities and IP across CLM, MPKI, Public Trust Services, Key Management, eMudhra is uniquely positioned to centralize your PKI needs under one umbrella and make your life easier. One Agreement, One Price List, and Centralized Support.

Localized Services for a Global Audience

Most of our Services are hosted in the local region, especially, North America, Europe, and India. Some of our PKI services are distributed on EDGE. Latency is something we take seriously, as is the data protection and privacy requirements across the globe.

Here's why you need a CLM


Security Enhancement

Certificate Lifecycle Management tools ensure the security of an organization's digital assets by overseeing the creation, distribution, renewal, and revocation of digital certificates, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.


Compliance and Audit Support

These tools help organizations meet regulatory requirements and audit demands by maintaining accurate records of certificate issuance and expiration, aiding in compliance assessments and reporting.


Efficient Resource Utilization

Certificate Lifecycle Management tools optimize resource allocation by automating certificate provisioning and renewal processes, reducing manual tasks, and enhancing operational efficiency.


Minimized Downtime

They mitigate service disruptions by proactively monitoring certificate expiration dates and automating certificate renewal procedures, ensuring seamless system operation and availability


Cost Control

These tools help organizations manage certificate-related expenses by preventing unnecessary certificate purchases, minimizing human error, and streamlining certificate procurement.


Streamlined Workflow

Certificate Lifecycle Management tools integrate with existing infrastructure, simplifying workflows for IT personnel, reducing administrative burden, and ensuring consistent and reliable certificate management practices

Deployment Models


On Premise

If you're looking to have Certificate Lifecycle Management platform hosted on your premise, no problem. CERTInext CLM can operate out of physical infrastructure, or DevOps based architectures. Our professional services team can get you up and running with peace of mind that every piece of data resides within your walls.


Private Cloud

emBride can be deployed within your cloud environment whether it's on AWS, Azure, or GCP. In case you centrally manage your cloud infrastructure, or have a hybrid set up, eMudhra's team can work with you to establish the appropriate architecture to ensure it scales to your needs.

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CERTInext Certificate Lifecycle Management Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

CERTInext CLM is a tool that simplifies the process of managing the lifecycle of digital certificates across multiple Certificate Authorities.

Yes, CERTInext CLM can be deployed on-premise or within a private cloud, providing more control over data and security.

Yes, CERTInext CLM can be hosted on Amazon Web Services, offering the flexibility and scalability of AWS cloud infrastructure.

This is a cloud-based managed solution provided by CERTInext for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services, ensuring security, scalability, and operational efficiency.

By centralizing certificate lifecycle management from various CAs, CERTInext CLM enables the comprehensive discovery and management of all digital certificates within an infrastructure.

CERTInext CLM can scan networks or CA databases for certificate details and create automated reports and notifications for team awareness and accountability.

Yes, with CERTInext CLM, you can find, control, and manage the complete lifecycle of your certificates across multiple CAs.

Yes, from a single point, CERTInext CLM can issue, renew, and revoke certificates for Entrust Authority® Security Manager, Entrust® Certificate Services, and Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services.

CERTInext CLM is container-based, suitable for on-premises or commercial cloud hosting.

CERTInext CLM automates certificate lifecycle management, ensuring timely renewals and compliance, thus preventing potential business disruption.