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Use Geo-tagged Video Signing in emSigner

Want to go the extra step to be sure you know who is signing the document? emSigner plans come with geo-tagged Video Signing wherein the application can capture a video of the signatory at the time of signing the document. The functionality also embeds a photograph of the user in the form being signed to support image forms, but also to assure the receiver on the identity of the signatory.


Authenticate the User, in more than one way

With emSigner, you can authenticate multiple user groups or even leverage existing SSO credentials. Easily integrate with Active Directory. Does your organization run on Microsoft or Google? Great, emSigner supports O365 and Google credentials out of the box. You can also rely on emSigner's own authentication methodologies where you can set your own password policies, in addition to relying on SMS OTP at the time of signing.


Use your ID Store to drive Advanced or Qualified Electronic Signatures

That's right! emSigner, backed by eMudhra's Global Trust Service Ecosystem, can plug into your ID store to rely on your existing credentials and generate unique, identity embedded certificates per transaction. Under most global Electronic Transaction Laws, this gives you a very high level of assurance wherein, not only is the identity verified, and embedded, but the key pair used to sign the document is unique to the user AND transaction, and generated from a Webtrust compliant infrastructure.


Leverage our Global Trust Service Ecosystem

eMudhra is a Global Trust Service Provider. What this means is that not only will our signatures be trusted in popular PDF applications by default, but we are also licensed by several regulatory bodies directly or indirectly wherein our certificates will have local legal standing. India, UAE, Kenya, Peru, Chile are a few such jurisdictions. We also have an ever-growing TSP ecosystem where we integrate with third party certificate providers to bring our customers a single global platform to sign on. Reach out to us to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Identity assurance refers to the process and measures taken to verify the identity of a user before they sign a digital document. This ensures that the signer is genuinely who they claim to be, providing additional security and validity to eSignatures.

Striking a balance is crucial because a system that is too cumbersome might deter users from utilizing it, while a system that is too lax may not provide adequate security, rendering the eSignature process vulnerable to fraud and misuse.

The sensitivity determines the level of identity verification required. For instance, signing a multi-million-dollar contract would necessitate a higher level of identity assurance than a less consequential transaction.

QES are a type of electronic signature that meets specific legal requirements, providing a similar legal standing as handwritten signatures. They are based on a certificate that verifies the signer's identity and is issued by a qualified trust service provider.

emSigner offers geo-tagged video signing, where the application captures a video of the signatory at the time of signing. This feature provides an additional layer of identity verification, assuring the receiving party of the signer's authenticity.

emSigner supports multiple authentication methods, including integrating with Active Directory, O365, and Google credentials. It also allows organizations to rely on SMS OTP at the time of signing and set custom password policies.

emSigner can plug into your existing ID store to rely on the current credentials. It can then generate unique, identity-embedded certificates for each transaction, ensuring a high level of assurance for each signed document.

eMudhra is a Global Trust Service Provider, ensuring that their signatures are universally trusted in popular PDF applications and have legal standing in various jurisdictions. They are licensed by several regulatory bodies and provide a platform for users to trust and use their eSignature solutions.

eMudhra's certificates have local legal standing in countries such as India, UAE, Kenya, Peru, and Chile, among others. Their reach is expanding as they integrate with third-party certificate providers to offer a unified global platform.

The ecosystem ensures that emSigner's eSignatures are universally trusted and have legal validity across multiple jurisdictions. By integrating with third-party certificate providers, emSigner offers a cohesive platform for organizations to rely upon, irrespective of their global footprint.

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