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Like many companies, eMudhra likely prioritizes sustainability in its CSR initiatives. This could involve reducing their carbon footprint, promoting green practices, and ensuring that their operations have minimal adverse impacts on the environment.


Education and Skill Development

Many CSR initiatives focus on providing quality education and skill development opportunities. eMudhra might invest in programs that offer training, scholarships, or educational resources to underprivileged sections of society.


Community Development

This could involve infrastructural development, improving healthcare facilities, and other initiatives that benefit the community at large, especially in regions where the company has a significant presence.


Digital Empowerment

Given eMudhra's core business in the digital identity space, they might have initiatives aimed at promoting digital literacy and ensuring that more people can access and benefit from digital tools and resources.


Health and Well-being

Promoting health, safety, and well-being is a common objective of CSR initiatives. eMudhra might support healthcare projects, awareness campaigns, or other programs that focus on the physical and mental well-being of individuals.


Supporting Underprivileged Sections

Many CSR initiatives aim to uplift and support underprivileged sections of society. This could be through financial aid, food drives, providing shelter, or other means of support.

Driving Positive Change with Purpose: eMudhra's CSR Initiatives at a Glance


Project Puthri

Project Puthri is an initiative that aims to empower underprivileged girls through education, skill development, and career guidance. The project was launched by the Avtar Group, an Indian talent strategy consulting firm. "Puthri" stands for "Pioneering Unique Training for High-potential and talented Rural and Urban girls to High growth employment sectors."

It is our humble effort to empower girls to claim their right to education, skill development and sustainable career opportunities. This grassroot initiative touches upon the lives of girls pursuing education at eMudhra supported schools.

Caravan Classroom

Caravan Classroom is a one-of-its-kind alternative school to transform the current education system. Since it is imperative to take basic education to the next level - this is where Caravan Classroom makes a huge difference in the society.

Caravan Classroom is an alternative education system programmed for all age groups. There is no bar to any gender, race, sex or age. Anyone and everyone can be a part of it.

The key feature of Caravan Classroom is its module of syllabus which plugs the gaps in our current education system. Caravan Classroom also caters to upliftment of rural artisans.


UDGAM Charitable Trust

UDGAM Charitable Trust works on diverse social issues including education, women empowerment equality, healthcare and HIV/AIDS, water & sanitation, social justice and human rights. Since its inception, UDGAM has been focusing on the elimination of extreme poverty and opportunity gaps between rural and urban areas of India.

It works to develop entrepreneurship and income generation activities for rural youth. At the heart of all its endeavors, UDGAM looks to create effective partnerships for socio-economic development.

Spoken Tutorial Health and Nutrition project - In association with IIT Bombay

This initiative offers valuable advice on Maternal Nutrition, Child Nutrition, General Nutrition and COVID related information by a team of eminent Doctors, Nutritionists and field officers with 10+ years of experience. With more than 300 videos translated in more than 18 recognized national languages in India, this initiative offers valuable advice on Maternal Nutrition, Child Nutrition, General Nutrition and COVID related information.

In year 2022-2023, 5 new tutorials were created for the following categories:

  • Importance of Vitamin A
  • Importance of selenium
  • Selenium rich vegetarian recipes
  • Sulphur rich vegetarian recipes
  • Iron rich non-vegetarian recipes

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