Environmental Stewardship: Efforts to Reduce Carbon Footprint

As a technology company, we understand that our operations have a significant impact on the environment. That's why we have implemented several measures to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our environmental impact.

We have invested in energy-efficient infrastructure and equipment to reduce our energy consumption. We have installed LED lighting, energy-efficient air conditioning systems, and optimized our data center operations to minimize our energy usage. By doing so, we have reduced our carbon footprint and lowered our energy costs.

Our infrastructure ensures rain water harvesting, effective usage of natural lights and a sprawling lush green garden to provide a beautiful outlook to our entire Digital Campus. We believe that by implementing these measures, we have built a more sustainable business that creates value not just for our shareholders but for our employees, customers, and society as a whole. We will continue to seek ways to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability in all aspects of our operations.


Renewable Energy

We recognize that using renewable energy is an essential part of our sustainability efforts. That's why we have invested in solar energy to power our operations. We have installed solar panels on our office buildings, which generate a significant portion of our energy needs.


Waste Reduction

We have implemented a waste reduction program that encourages our employees to reduce, reuse and recycle. We have eliminated single-use plastics and implemented a paperless office policy to reduce our paper usage.


Green Products and Services

We are committed to promoting sustainable products and services that help our customers reduce their environmental impact. We offer e-signature solutions that eliminate the need for paper-based transactions, reducing our customers' paper usage. We also offer digital identity solutions that enable secure and efficient online transactions, reducing the need for physical documents and travel.

At the state-of-the-art eMudhra Digital Campus

50 KW


Electricity is being saved daily using natural light inlets

50 KL


Storage facility to promote rain water harvesting

20000 CFM


Natural air saved per minute with air infiltration into the common areas

100+ KW


Of solar energy capacity at all times

200,000 Liters


Rain water released into ground monthly to boost water table levels

1000+ Plants


Of different species placed inside the premises to promote a greener interior

Promoting Green Infrastructure

eMudhra has launched a new initiative to promote greenery and sustainable practices in its operation centers. This move follows a line of companies worldwide recognizing their social responsibility towards environmental preservation and making tangible efforts to create a more sustainable world.

To this effect, eMudhra has created a new lush green lawn within its Digital Campus in Bangalore, India. The aim is to not only beautify the surroundings but also provide a serene and rejuvenating environment for the employees. This initiative is a reflection of the Company's broader commitment to promote sustainability and ecological balance.

The lawn, sprawling over a considerable area, is full of native grasses that require less water, thereby promoting water conservation. It's a model of sustainable landscaping, blending aesthetic appeal with ecological responsibility. Construction of the lawn is significant step in promoting greenery and sustainability in our surroundings. The project aligns with the Company's broader vision of technological innovation blended with ecological responsibility.


Social Initiatives at eMudhra

Social Initiatives at eMudhra

The company engages in CSR activities to contribute positively to society, enhance employee morale, and contribute positively to the SDGs laid down by the United Nations.

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Great Place to Work Certified

Great Place to Work Certified

eMudhra was recently surveyed by the Great Place to Work Institute and the company successfully completed is certified as a great workplace. Category: Mid-Size Organizations.

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Good Governance is the Key

Good Governance is the Key

We believe that good governance is essential to building trust with our stakeholders and creating a sustainable business that creates value for all.

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